Voluntary Benefits


A affordable strategy for increasing financial wellness and employee satisfaction in the workplace

Smart employers care about increasing the financial wellness of their workforce.  That’s because studies show that today’s workforce, more than any other generation, stress over their finances and are struggling paycheck-to-paycheck because of unprecedented high costs across the spectrum – from student loans to rent, food, transportation, healthcare and more. All of this worrying distracts employees and takes a toll on productivity in the workplace. Voluntary benefits alleviates these financial worries and connects all of the components of employee wellness with valued products and services that actually help employees enjoy life, while being better prepared for the unknown, and without stretching the budget.  

How They Work Associated Costs Benefit Options

Offered to employees at low group rates, voluntary benefits are very affordable and are paid for by the employee through pre-taxed payroll earnings.  When communicated properly, our clients are often surprised by how much employees appreciate having additional options to protect their income and overall health, even though they are employee paid options.

You can offer voluntary benefits to your employees at no direct cost to you.  However, based on your budget, you can choose whether voluntary employee benefits are:

  • Fully employee-funded
  • Part-funded by both employee and employer

Key to the success of your benefits, we will help you set-up, implement and properly communicate your voluntary benefit program at no additional cost to you.

Based on our thorough analysis, we will help you select which voluntary benefits best serve the needs of your employees.  You’ll find a list and description of some of the more common voluntary benefits we provide at the top-right of this page.  These benefits fulfill a range of critical life needs such as health, lifestyle, security and personal issues.

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