Employee Wellness


Increase employee health and watch your bottom line grow

At little or no cost, and often included in the basic health coverage, many of our insurance carriers offer a variety of proven programs, resources and discounts enabling employees to make healthy life choices, thus making it easier for employers to build on a culture of wellness within the workplace.

Fitness Benefits

Onsite, offsite or virtual physical fitness classes or special group events, such as 5K runs.  Discounts to gym memberships.  Access to additional resources such as fitness trackers, blogs, subscriptions  and more.

Nutrition Benefits

Onsite or offsite nutritional classes, access to other nutritional resources such as diet apps, blogs and other subscriptions.  Members may also qualify for special assistance with diabetes management and more..

Health Risk Assessments

Biometric screenings onsite or at provider offices, aimed at creating awareness, improving health and reducing claims of your most at risk employees.

Substance Abuse Programs

Employees have access to programs such as smoking cessation, substance abuse help, financial wellness seminars and more.

Telehealth Solutions

Employees can consult with a licensed physician, via phone or video for little or no copay, on health matters for diagnosis and treatment, including  medications. Employees can also access a nurse hotline 24/7 for general medical advice.

Essential Preventative Benefits

Employees have access to preventative medicine such as flu shots, mammograms, colonoscopy, heart and cancer screenings and more.

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Sponsoring an effective wellness program takes the right benefit partner

Build it and they will come is a myth when it comes to employee benefits.  Often, valuable benefits go unused because of lack of information, or employees are overwhelmed with too much information.  Ensuring your employees value your investment, Bavaro Gingerich will focus on beefing up and personalizing your communications, based on needs, eligibility and interests.  We’ll also help with affordable health-contingent reward programs to guarantee employee engagement, ultimately leading to breakthrough benefit savings.

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