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Surpassing payroll, employee benefits are the most powerful tool for attracting and building a productive, loyal workforce. Yet most clients lack the time, knowledge and the resources to focus on an effective benefit strategy.  Enter Bavaro Gingerich. With more than 70 years of collective experience, we understand what makes employee benefits flip or flop.  

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee benefits. Every employer/employee has unique needs. The most successful benefit programs are tailored to those needs to engage employee interests and increase benefit awareness and usage.
After a poll of your employees and a review all cost drivers (budget, claims data, demographics, etc.), we’ll analyze various funding methods and utilize several cost-saving strategies where appropriate (i.e., Wellness & Voluntary Benefits). Then, we’ll leverage the strength of our bargaining power to lower costs across the spectrum, ultimately designing a program that reflects both employer and employee needs.
Having good benefits is not enough to fully realize savings potential and other advantages. We ensure your employees understand, buy-in where appropriate, and importantly, use their benefits wisely to boost health, financial wellness, and employee satisfaction, ultimately leading to an increase in productivity and your bottom line. Our communication strategy includes on-site enrollment, and we're always available via phone to answer questions. Throughout the year, we continually disseminate information designed to increase plan participation.
The more we do— the less you have to. Beyond health insurance, we provide services that make your benefits run smooth and while staying compliant. For example, we’ll take care of enrolling new hires and terminating benefits when necessary. We handle employee notices for COBRA, FMLA, the ACA and other compliance. We assist with carrier billing or claims issues that may arise. We also provide employee advocacy services when needed, and more.
Benefits are constantly changing. The economy, regulations and changes within your organization may affect your benefit programs. That’s why we take a proactive approach in periodically reviewing and evaluating your benefits to identify barriers and make adjustments when necessary. Annually, we’ll do a thorough re-evaluation of employee needs, demographics, market trends and more, before considering final renewal strategies and carrier options.

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